174 South Main Street, Suite 8,
New City, NY 10956

Ph: 845-623-2010

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Welcome and thank you for coming to Moti Horenstein's MMA & Krav Maga website.  We are located in New City, New York, and one of the original mixed martial arts academies since 1992. Are you looking for a place to feel comfortable while working out and training in the martial arts? Perhaps you are interested in character building for your child?   Do you want to get in the best of shape and health that you have ever been?  Whatever the reason, we've got it!   Our martial arts classes are so energy-packed, we guarantee you'll be looking forward to your next class.

We strive to empower people of all ages with confidence and the ability to confront the challenges of everyday life, be it mental, physical, or emotional.

We combine the best techniques from various martial arts to empower the practitioner with the skills necessary to maintain his or her confidence in themselves.

Our techniques and drills have been “combat tested and battle proven” by the most hard core Israeli soldiers and have now been simplified by Hanshi Moti Horenstein to work for any man, woman, or child.

So don't waste another minute. Browse through our site and see for yourself all that we can offer. 

Allow us to assist you in becoming . . .


be the best you can be

Shihan Lugo