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Drop sizes and inches everywhere, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, melt away your excess body fat, and minimize your hips, butt, and waistline, as well as your stress level.  Increase strength and endurance, boost metabolism and confidence.  Gain bone density and core strength.  Maximize body tone and energy with lightning fast kicks and punches, an intense abdominal workout, and dynamic stretching drills.  These classes will give you the rock hard body you have been wanting.  Treadmill and stairmaster gym workouts are boring, monotonous, and a thing of the past.  Try this once and you will be hooked! 



Cross Training Extreme – (Monday/Friday AM):  This conditioning class will have you doing it all.  Use medicine balls, slides, hurdles, weights, kettle bells, heavy bags, focus mitts and even your own body to build muscle and burn calories.  This motivating class will have you motivated to push yourself further than ever before!

Cardio Bootcamp – (Monday/Tuesday PM):  Be ready to do it all!  This class incorporates interval drills, coupled with military-style training techniques, plyometric drills and a vast array of fat burning exercises that will work your body to the max!

Maximum Kickboxing (Tuesday/Thursday AM/Wednesday PM):  Find the inner fighter in you!  Push yourself to your limits as you work professional kickboxing combinations on a free-standing heavy bag.  You will learn the correct and most effective ways to punch and kick increasing your stamina and strengthening and toning every muscle group.  Strengthening exercises and cardio bursts add to maximize calorie burn and improve muscle endurance. 

Cardio Combat (Wednesday/Saturday AM):  This Martial Arts inspired workout incorporates the same training drills used by MMA fighters preparing to step into the ring!  This “no contact” workout will train your body for speed and agility while providing you with correct martial arts techniques. Each session is made up of innovative drills so you will never get bored.  Heavy bags, focus mitts, ropes, ladders, medicine balls and your own body resistance will help you get in better shape than you ever imagined!

Circuit Power – (Thursday PM)                                                        
Test the limits of your endurance in this extreme circuit training class.  Go from station to station while challenging muscle groups in various exciting ways.  There are no worries in this class.  Struggling with a difficult movement?  Before you know it the instructor yells “switch” and you can run to your next challenge!  This class will build muscle endurance and burn a ton of calories!

Bag Camp - (When offered-Sunday AM) This high intensity workout incorporates strength training & kickboxer style heavy bag drills.  Jump ropes, kettle bells, free weights, medicine balls and much much more are intertwined into this bootcamp format designed to challenge every muscle group and burn a ton of calories!  Preparing for a fitness challenge?  Just ready to take your workout to a whole new level?  This is the class for you! 

Start now by giving us a call or send an email using our contact form. You’ll be able to look back in 30 days and feel good about yourself.

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