174 South Main Street, Suite 8,
New City, NY 10956

Ph: 845-623-2010

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I am a 46 year old businessman. Always kept myself in good shape. My cholesterol was little high @ 223 – blood pressure was good @ 120/80. After eight months at MHMMA, my blood pressure dropped to 110/70 and cholesterol dropped significantly to 188. My cardiologist was very impressed. I can’t wait till the next check-up.

Mike G. (Tompkins Cove, NY)

Our children, ages 7 and 5, have been attending Moti Horenstein’s Karate Academy for almost a year. I felt the need to share with other parents the amazing growth and changes I have seen in my children. Last year my older child was in a different after school program. There was no structure or discipline and she was being bullied on a regular basis. I had to find an alternative since I couldn’t listen to my child cry anymore. A friend suggested Moti Horenstein Karate and after school program. I was a little hesitant as my perception of karate was that it was rigid and possibly too violent for a petite, 7 year old, girl. We decided to try a class, as the karate school offers a free week pass. I was surprised by the warmth, patience, and humor the instructor displayed with the students. Children with higher belt ranks were helping the younger students and genuinely appeared to enjoy being with them. My children wanted to earn belts and learn the skills they had observed in class. I signed them up for the after school program which included three lessons a week and their own uniforms. As the school year began, the bullying resumed, despite the elementary school’s efforts to address it. My older child shared her feelings and fears about the bully with her karate teacher and several older students. They were able to model for her how to approach the bully on her own. My child had the confidence and poise to stand up for herself in a non-violent manner and take charge of the situation. I had never seen her feel so good about herself and empowered. Now each day after school my children feel a sense of belonging and that their individual needs are being nurtured at karate school. They have offered to do chores around the house, are getting along better with each other, and are entering new situations feeling good about themselves. The only problem we have now is when the karate school is closed, they miss their new family that they see each day after school. We are so grateful to the staff and students at Moti Horenstein's Karate Academy for helping our children to grow stronger and be happier in their everyday lives.

Mr. and Mrs. C (New City, NY)

This is it! You found it! The best martial arts school around. You want to get fit, defend yourself in any situation, and work with exceptional instructors? Then here it is! All you need is willingness to sweat and the desire to be the best you can be. With all the variety of classes, you’ll never get bored and your muscles will continuously stay confused, giving you the best body of your life. But don’t just take my word for it. MHMMA is the best!

Lynette I. (Nyack, NY)

MHKA brings out the warrior in me every time I bow and enter the dojo. My Senseis are constantly encouraging me to push myself to the ‘next level.’ As a result, I am experiencing consistent improvements in my flexibility, stamina, and mental toughness. As my skills are improving, so is my self-confidence, and I’ve never felt better. I look forward to training with my MHKA family and competing with my MHKA Team! Osu!

Ben M. 25, (West Nyack, NY)

Moti Horenstein’s Karate & Kickboxing Academy, is a superior martial arts learning center. Located on the property’s massive parking lot, this educational facility is an enormous building, which has a spacious, bright, clean interior, that features contemporary style dojos, and state-of-the-art equipment. The instructors are true professionals, who provide a positive learning environment, and work well with their students. They are especially good with handling young children. My husband and I attest to the fact that Moti Horenstein’s Karate & Kickboxing Academy is an exceptional martial arts school. Our son, Christian, has been a student of the academy for almost one year now, and has made remarkable progress within that period of time. It feels good to know that our family has made the right choice!

Brian, Iris, and Christian E. (New City, NY)
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